AceTrack Solutions

The Benefits of using Vehicle Tracking System

Why we are DIFFERENT?

Acetrack is much more than just a GPS tracking provider. We provide total solutions from fleet analytics with our customers. Where we can gain a profound understanding of customer’s operations, implement solution and roll out.

We understand customer main problems and we will offer trailer-made solution that suit to their operation. Hence, our dedicated Sales team and Technical support team will make sure that all solutions provided are in consensus with our customers.

Acetrack Tracking solution provide real time status which you able do your monitoring and controlling under one platform.
  • Live and backdated tracking with every min interval.
  • Provides a detailed vehicle trip history showing exact time a vehicle arrives, leaves, durations, Idle and frequency trips.
  • Monitor driver behaviour with over speeding, harsh braking, Driver ID (RFid) by notice their attendance check-in
  • Turn by turn activity to see precise routes based on zone location by using the GEOFENCE features.
  • Acetrack provides comprehensive and customized reports in form of reporting, chart and graph that yield a more in-depth view of concern on productivity, efficiency, costing, Driver’s key in performance and definitely improved customer services.
  • Our GPS tracking system is user friendly, features well in providing a high return on investment and also we focus on matter job scheduling and dispatch.
  • Advance incidents alerts with 24/7 call centre.

Our fleet management are well designed of various disciplined like costing division, human resources management, comply legislation, IT and controlling & monitoring.

Greater efficiency and improved productivity.

ACETRACK contains all relevant management information and reports to optimally operate your fleet.
  • Monitor trip cycle and mileage
  • Staff management especially drivers trip and administrative personnel in handling schedule.
  • Full maintenance life cycle. E.g.: costs, checklist, interval tracking and alert generation based on whole trip summary.
  • Comprehensive fuel management reporting, graphs and charts to show how the fuel activities, analyse comparison and able determine fuel cost.
  • Improve vehicle health and reduce operating costs.
  • Track fuel consumption Eg: Trip and Idling
  • Track any abnormal/siphoning fuel
  • Track refuelling.
  • Know where your driver are at all times through live/historical tracking
  • Duress escalation system (Harsh braking system)
  • Gain insight to your driver’s on-road behaviour through over-speeding report or by use geofence zones. To alert and report on driver entering no go zones
  • Monitor and manage driver-fatigue
  • Driving record with measurement results
    ⇒ Driving behavior and over speeding reports


Monitoring staff and managing the safe running of a fleet is critical.

  • Identify areas of good or bad driver performance by setting KPI’s
  • Staff Training – Using personal examples of driver behaviour to help improve health and safety.
  • “Man down” Alert and panic button / pendant for remote workers helps comply with Duty of Care regulation.
  • Comply with legislation around Duty of Care, Chain of Responsibility, Fatigue Management, Heavy Mass Loads, etc.

These real-time reports and alerts show when a driver is approaching a rest period, how long they need to rest also send an alert when the driver has exceeded their driving time. This takes the guesswork and manual processing out of the equation.

It is digital record based on the vehicles running time and therefore is not subject to the potential pitfalls of manual diary system including human error or falsifying records.

Now, Fleet Managers are in full control of their drivers working hours and can manage their Health and Safety responsibilities effectively.

The solution includes a number of other useful tools for drivers and fleet operators including; Routing, Speed Alerts, Geo-Fence Alert, Demurrage Reports, Trip Reporting and SOS Pendants.

Our mobile apps featuring an easy-to-use mobile interface and compatibility with IOS and Android, you can easily access the tracking platform and keep an eye on your assets anywhere when you are in the move.

You can empower your mobile workforce or personal vehicle safety with real time track and instant status just making few taps on your mobile screen or tablet.