Product Name:

Personal GPS Tracker


Items Functions
Communication Location Data transmitting-GPRS(TCP/UDP)
Commands- SMS/GPRS/Serial port
Position Tracking
  • Real-time location monitoring mode
  • Track by time interval
Alarm (Event)
  • SOS alarm (GRPS)
  • Low battery alarm (GRPS)
  • Speeding alarm (GPRS)
  • Anti-dismantle alarm (GPRS) - Optional (need to use Light sensor)
RFID Reader Built-in RFID reader to manage the staff attend
Buffer Data in Buffer when in GPRS blind area
Initialization Initialize tracker’s Parameters via SMS / GPRS/ Serial port
Upgrading Upgrading Firmware via OTA or Serial Port


General Technical Specifications:

Items Specifications
Gift Box Dimension 177*120*50mm
Tracker Dimension 94*58*9 mm
Tracker Color White
  • Tracker weight: 0.057kg
  • Total Package: 0.22kg
Battery Built-in 1000mAh
Working Current 80mA-90mA (3.7V DC)
Working hours DC 4.2V
Operating temperature -25℃ -- 75℃
Operating humidity 5% -- 95%
LED indicator Green led and blue led light indicates GSM and GPS status respectively, Red led indicates Battery level or charging.
Buttons Power button, SOS button, Sign in button, Call button.
RFID Reader
  • Working Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Reading Range: 2-50meters
  • Max Simultaneous Tag:Detection: 40

  • Working Current:
  • Reader Mode: 17mA
  • Tag Mode: 40uA
GSM Module
  • Chipset: QUECTEL M26
  • Frequency: 850MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 1900 MHz
GPS Module
  • Chipset: UBX-M8030-KT (ublox)
  • Positioning accuracy: < 5m (95%)
  • Cold start time: < 29s (in average)
  • Hot start time: < 1 s (in average)

  • Sensitivity:
  • Tracking Sensitivity -167dBm
  • Cold Start Acquisition Sensitivity - 148dBm
  • Acquisition channel: 70-channel