Product Name:

AT103 GPS Tracker


AT103 is a GPS asset Tracker with long standby battery. It doesn’t have any wires which can be installed in any moving objects 's surface. The tracker housing is designed simple with Magnet inside. It supports GPS locating, A-GPS, and Cell-tower locating. This products is suitable for: Car leasing, small fleet management, elder people or children tracking, Moving Assets tracking, Animal security, etc.

Product function and Fueatures:

Items Functions
Communication Location Data transmitting-GPRS(TCP/UDP)
Commands- SMS/GPRS/Serial port
Position Tracking
  • Real-time location monitoring mode
  • Track by time point(1 to 4 time point one day) up to 2 years working
  • Low battery alarm (GRPS)
  • Speeding alarm (GPRS)
  • Anti-dismantle alarm (GPRS) - Optional (need to use Light sensor)
Buffer Data in Buffer when in GPRS blind area
Initialization Initialize tracker’s Parameters via SMS / GPRS/ Serial port

General Technical Specifications:

Items Specifications
Gift Box Dimension 120*120*50mm
Tracker Dimension 90*60*35 mm
Tracker Color Black
  • Tracker weight: 0.2kg
  • Total Package: 0.22kg
Working voltage DC 4.2V
Sleeping mode 20uA
Built-in battery Built-in Rechargeable 4000mAh
WOperating temperature -25℃ -- 75℃
Operating humidity 5% -- 95%
LED indicator Green led and Red led light indicates GPS and GSM status respectively
GSM Module
  • Chipset: QUECTEL M26
  • Frequency: 850MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 1900 MHz
GPS Module
  • Chipset: Securenet ST1612F
  • Positioning accuracy: < 5m (95%)
  • Cold start time: < 45s (in average)
  • Warm start time: < 2s (in average)
  • GPS Sensitivity: -159Db
  • GPS Frequency: 1575.42 MHz