Product Name:

AT02 3G Tracker


The AT02 is a Mini GPS tracker designed for a wide range of vehicle tracking application. It has basic I/O interfaces that can be used for GPS vehicle tracking. Its internal GPS antenna has superior sensitivity and fast time to be located. It can be monitored in real time or periodically tracked by a backend server and mobile devices.


Item Functions
Communication Location Data transmitting-GPRS(TCP/UDP)
Commands- SMS/GPRS/Serial port
Position Tracking
  • Real-time location monitoring/querying
  • Track by moving( time interval)
  • Track by parking(time interval)
  • Track by distance
  • Cornering report
GPS Mileage GPS Mileage report/GPS mileage coefficient adjustable
Geo-fence 25 rectangle Geo-fences
  • SOS alarm (SMS/GRPS)
  • Main Power supply cut off(SMS/GRPS)
  • Ignition On report(GPRS)
  • Over Speed alarm(GPRS)
  • Geo-fence alarm(GPRS)
  • Towing alarm(GPRS)
  • Harsh Braking alarm(GPRS)
  • Harsh Acceleration alarm(GPRS)
  • 3 digital input (Ignition detecting, SOS button, Input3-reserved)
  • 1 digital output- fuel pump/engine circuit cut
Buffer Data in Buffer when in GPRS blind area
Initialization Initialize tracker’s Parameters via SMS/GPRS/Serial port
Waterproof IP66
Upgrading firmware via OTA or Serial port

General Technical Specifications:

Item Specifications
Gift Box Dimension 120*120*50mm
Tracker Dimension 66*60*25mm
Tracker Color Black
  • Tracker weight : 0.1kg
  • Total package: 0.21kg
Power Supply DC 9V -- 100V
Working Current 40 mA(DC 12V)
Back-up battery Built-in 160mAh, support 1 hour working when fully charged. (160 to 450mAh customized)
Operating temperature -25℃ -- 75℃
Operating humidity 5% -- 95%
LED Indicator Green led and Red led light indicates GPS and GSM status respectively
Power Switch 1 Backup battery switch on Mainboard
I/O Port
    3 digital inputs
  • Ignition detecting –positive trigger
  • SOS detecting-negative trigger
  • Input3 (Reserved)- positive trigger
  • 1 digital output
  • Fuel pump/engine circuit cut- Output GND (connect to a normal close relay)
GSM Module
  • Frequency
  • 850MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 1900 MHz Quad-band WCDMA 2100MHz / 1900Mhz / 850MHZ/ 900Mhz.